Friday, December 14, 2007

Top 9 posts ever [for now]

A friend asked me if I had looked into which were the all time favorite posts so far on the blog. The thing is, it changes all the time. I use Google Analytics to snoop in on my own site for stuff like this. Below are the top 9 posts right now [the first in the list is always some weird thing that doesn't make sense to me, so y'all get 9]. This list changes radically all the time, and there are some weird surprises in here. Strange the responses that worldwide search engines will give ya.

Every time I check the list I can make up little theories in my head about why this and that show up, but really I don't trust them. It's a real crap shoot. For months on end the biggest content on my site was my first post that mentioned Aikido. Whyso? Hell if I know.

1. The artist introduction on Walton Ford.
2. Building top-bar bee hives.
3. Report from the computer lab: Cher just walked by.
4. Little dudes post on Jerboa.
5. Ron Paul on the Demented Philosophy of Conquest.
6. Condom fashion show in Beijing.
7. Beloved Sitka Spruce succumbs to storm.
8. How to start picking wild edible mushrooms.
9. Burts Bees ad regarding Colony Collapse Disorder.

Enjoy your own, personal forms of civilian espionage,



Shocho said...

That first thing on the list that looks like "/"... click on the little boxes just to the left of that. It opens that link.

Thanks for this post, I didn't know GA did that sort of thing.

Bpaul said...

Ahhh, that's the title page, sans any specific post.

Gotcha :-)

Shocho said...

I checked this out for my blog, and I'm crafting a post with all the hot topics so I can get that in the top ten.

Bpaul said...

How fantastically circular of you.