Friday, December 21, 2007

Remembering Solstice

Consider giving a moment to the fact that we're tipping over into another 1/4 of the season now. This isn't a Hallmark Holiday, it's real -- the skies reflect it, the sun reflects it. It's the Darkest dark, longest night, the sun turning around to return home, all of that. Can be a good time to think about your life and the year coming, or just go out side and take one, good, conscious breath.

Enjoy your naturally provided holidays,



Stu Farnham said...

Winter solstice is a hesitation, a moment of stillness after the forward rush of the prior year and before the new moves on.

Shelley wrote: 'Or hadst thou waited the full cycle, when Thy spirit should have filled its crescent sphere.'

Tate said...

winter is here... time to go in reflect, think of the harvest you have received in the fall.
be still and welcome the light

matt_stansberry said...

I wish I had read this yesterday. At least I can try to appreciate the fact that the sun is coming back.

Bpaul said...

Any celestial event has a good 3 days of lagtime, you're all good Matt.