Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Converting CO2 emissions into fuel

Some excellent news on the technology front -- there is a new device that can convert greenhouse gas emissions into hydrogen fuels. Here is a link to the article in Discovery News that talks about a promising new invention that uses sunlight to help convert CO2 emissions into fuel. Another nice thing about this discovery was that it was developed on U.S. soil -- at the Sandia National Labs in Albequerque, New Mexico. Good to see some innovation in the States.

Smokestacks creating hydrogen fuel for emission-less power generation? Would be nice wouldn't it.

Speaking of greenhouse gas emissions, we replaced our Subaru Outback with.... a Subaru Outback. What can I say it was a great car at a good price -- variety can be over-rated (especially by the imminently middle-aged, apparently).

We will continue to reduce our use of the car, and this little period of transition has shown us ways to make that even easier. The Wife, for one, has figured out a simple public transit route to work. She found it a refreshing change, and not a burden as she might have expected.

Thanks for the family support we received during our little financial hiccup, you know who you are, it was invaluable in every case.

Enjoy your relationship with combustion,



CtheG said...

that is great BP! congratulations!!! I know and you know that it's a great car. bun warmers still included?

Bpaul said...

I'm sorry to say, I'm the only bun warmer in the car now.

*offers hands*

Trappin' Pat said...

Glad to hear "The Wife" (Is that her official name on the blog, or have you mentioned her by name and I have just forgotten?) is using public transportation. Is she using the MAX train that has a stop only 5 mins from your house?

Bpaul said...

The Wife is her blog pseudonym, yes.

The Max then a bus transfer. Getting cross town by bus is a bit trickier than just downtown, which has buttloads of routes.

It's an easy jump and she's into it.

babs said...

hmmm, did I miss something? does "teh wife" have a new job(place)? wasn't it in walking distance before? ^^

Bpaul said...

"Walking distance" was appropriate during better climes, but it's a good long walk (45 mins/hour?) and between the weather and no sun in the morning, that hasn't been so popular.

It is on the palette of different ways to go though, for sure.

Tate said...

besides with the stripper heels on it is Killer on the ankles to walk that far

Bpaul said...


She's out right now, but I'll be sure she gets your kind and timely comment sir.

Katye said...

You WISH you could shake your ass in Stripper heels like I can!

Old man!

Tate said...

honey, i probably CAN shake my ass in stripper heels like you can..
your butch and i lived with three drag queens

Bentley said...

What year of outback did you guys end up getting? (same? new(er)?) Glad to hear it all worked out and was hopefully not toooo stressful!


Bpaul said...

2002 -- newer, with 90K less mileage. We paid for these amenities, but at this point it's clear (once the work is finished, it's in the shop getting maintenance right now) that we have a better car now.

It gets better gas mileage too, which rocks.

Tate said...

that is so great, does it have the same clearance that the other did??

Bpaul said...

Exactly the same clearance -- meaning it still isn't going to Hanbleceya, unfortunately. That jeep trail has done enough damage to our cars at this point.

I flirt with the idea of keeping the load extra light (like Luta does), but that last 400 ish, 500ish repair bill from hitting rocks on the road means probably not.

Tate said...

ya i dont blame you. but i do think that you were guided over the rocks in the wrong way. but you were loaded down and it is not worth the risk. we just need to lighten the kitchen load

Bentley said...

Kickass :D
Hah, you could always sink a little more money into it and get higher clearance springs/coil overs put on it! But ya, good to hear! :D