Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day after Xmas update

The sink is almost fully functional. My neighbor came by with some beers and stood around and chatted with me as I finalized the installation. Always a big help. Now, a ring of clear caulk around the faucet base and the sink and it's a done deal.


Eventually I'll be heading up to Stud Farmhand's 'stead in Walla Walla, probably for some fishing. We may kill some clay pigeons as well (though I hear he is a clay pigeon supporter, so I may need to ask delicately). I'm looking forward to getting out of town, I can't seem to slow down and catch a breath while I'm in the house, and I desperately want to catch a breath before school starts up again.

I will be meeting up with another local blogger in the next few days as well, which will be cool. Matt and I haven't met face to face yet, but it may happen over this Xmas break too [no pressure Matt I know you're busy].

Addendum: Almost forgot, going out with a lovely local body arts celebrity and a few friends tonight, for a private room in her favorite sushi place. She swears it beats Saburo's, but I am reserving judgment. I am one of the gauche westerners who actually likes the huge portion sizing at Saburo's. D. is of the opinion that small sizes are traditional and tastier. We shall see, we shall see.

More later, I have a plumbing apocalypse to clean up.

Enjoy the quiet after the storm,



matt_stansberry said...

I'm ready! I'm ready! Back in Oregon as of 12:00 today. Let's make a plan.

Bpaul said...

Right on, I'll email ya.

CtheG said...

dude, I'm waiting to hear the sushi comparison to saburo's while I freeze my buns off in slc Utah. I'm so close to tom purdue... Yet still so far away....want sushi, a mediterranean climate, and a hammok to do some serious power lounging in....ahhhhhhhh day dreaming rules!

Bpaul said...

You going to be able to visit The Man and His Family perchance? Or is the schedule too nutty.

A.Stock said...

This is the closest I've ever come to gaining notoriety (a mention) in one of your blog posts. Yeah me!

Bpaul said...

I'm trying to keep the neighbors out of the blog in all but the most innocuous or flattering circumstances.

I could talk about how you walk around the house all day in a robe with a headset on pretending to work, but I won't.