Monday, December 10, 2007

Didgeridoo cures snoring?

You never know what you are going to run into while surfing the web. I can't even remember my trackback to this video which explains how Didgeridoo playing cures sleep apnea, but their assertions seems solid [if you don't have a DivX web player, use this link to download one, I don't trust the link provided by the movie site]. The Didgeridoo basically strengthens muscles in the throat (and nose?) and keeps you from snoring. I may have to get myself a Didj.

It would be a good excuse to visit my international bachelor-extordinaire friend who lives in a geodesic dome on Vashon island. He plays Didj quite well and could give me lessons. Always good to have a reason to visit the Puget Sound, it's beautiful out there.

When I mentioned this to T. over breakfast, he said "and playing Didjeridoo, like snoring, is best done alone. Remember that."

Enjoy your nocturnal (noise) emissions,



Stu Farnham said...

Oh, dude, you can't be posting stuff like this. One way or another it is gonna get me in trouble.

Bpaul said...


Bpaul said...

You are always saying you are starting your career as "local color" -- what better than to sit on the back porch in the mornings, maybe in the hot tub even, and play your Didjeridoo for all the still-working people in the nearest square mile. Serenade them on their way to work.

Tate said...

i think the didj sounds fantastic.
I would love to learn to play but i hear it is not very easy

Stu Farnham said...

Not sure the diji qualifies as "local color" in eastern Washington.

Bpaul said...

Tate, I've played a bit (without the whole circular breathing element, the hard part) and it's not too bad to learn. It is definitely the circular breathing that's the trick.

Stu, oh it sure as hell would qualify as "local color." Even better than tipping a brand-new tractor over in a ditch.

Katye said...

I wonder what is louder:

Brandon playing Didgeridoo to try and counteract his (not so quiet) snoring


The sound of Stu tipping a new tractor over into a ditch?

The mind ponders...