Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm a wimp: impressions of I Am Legend

Since the movie deals with vampirish, light-hating cannibals, I already knew it would be a bit on the horror side of things for me. However, I wanted to see Will Smith wandering about in a human-less New York. I wanted to see how the movie makers pulled that off.

In that regard especially, I felt they did a dandy job. The details are great -- herds of deer running through the streets, the protagonist planting and harvesting corn, and the way he dealt with The Dark Seekers as well. All of that was very entertaining.

There are certain movie genres I avoid, because the imagery of real life can be just about enough for me, without other horrific stuff entering my brain. One of these genres is horror. Although I Am Legend isn't a horror movie (and Tony emphasized this fact after we left the movie, "that wasn't even close to a horror movie") there were those horror moments. Those dead-quiet, in-the-dark, suddenly-something-jumps-out moments. I'll cop here and now to the fact that I had my eyes closed for these. I don't want scary shit in my head, only interesting shit. Once the monsters were exposed and attacking, yeah whatever it's fake. But the gut-wrenching, jump out of your seat stuff I only heard. The sound engineering was enough to raise my heart rate.

A story unfolds, and by the end the movie wraps in a reasonable fashion. It's Hollywood, but not horribly so. Or at least it's Hollywood, but palatable enough.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. In my book, I would say it's a beer-theater movie -- wouldn't feel a single twinge paying $3 to see it. For those with more specific tastes, I'm betting they'll dig it (Tate).

For me, C+ -- for sci-fi/horror fans, A-.

Here's a taste, in case you've been living under a rock for the last 4 months.

Enjoy your dark heroes,



Kate said...

I was a little surprised at the CG in it.....for a Will Smith type budget movie, I would have expected a little bit better.
I think I liked it....but I had my eyes closed for the jump-and-scream parts too ;)

RogueandPoet said...

I was happy with the movie but I hated the ending. The Dark Seekers were showing some humanity. That could have been played to and could have allowed Will smiths character a chance of surviving. That would have been more satisfying.

Stu Farnham said...

Scariest movies of all time (my personal list):

- Psycho. First saw it when Colleen was teaching a high scool film calss in 1975. She brought the film (real film!) home and played it on a sheet hung on the living room wall. We had an old field stone foundation, and lights in the basement hangigng by long cords that would swing when you pulled the chain to turn them off. For months I was looking over my shoulder to make sure that Tony Perkins wasn't going to jump me while wearing his mother's clothes.

2. The Shining. REDRUM.

3. Alien (or was it Alien II?)

Bpaul said...

Alien, the original movie, is possibly one of the reasons I don't watch horror any more.

A babysitter took me to that when it came out, I think I was 9. I spent the whole time with my hands clamped over my face -- peeked out to see a cat snarl -- and that was it.

I was terrified I tell you.

Brilliant movie really, but it could very well be the culprit.

goodrev said...

Dude - spoilers! I want to see this but don't want to know about the "others".

grumble, grumble....

Tate said...

it was a great movie, some of the "effects" were not the best but i loved it anyway.. love when i start jumping even if it is just a door opening..

Bpaul said...

Doh! Didn't figure I said anything more than the trailers would tell you.

Sorry Rev. I'll be more judicious in the future.