Monday, December 24, 2007

Ahh, X-mas eve

Big John is over, cooking chicken soup. The Wife is sewing a drum bag out of Pendleton Wool Ends, and I'm trying for the 3rd time to get the drains in the sink to set in the putty correctly, so they won't leak.

I don't drink much or often. But I think I'll down a few this evening, you know, in the holiday spirit.

At least I have good folks in the house as I work.

Enjoy those who have your back,



Bentley said...

I Think holiday spirit has everything to do with drinking an few and relaxing. Especially when its home-made mulled wine and eggnog brandy!

Merry Xmas :D

Not to spoil the suprise but, zomg tentative mead.

Tate said...

LOL have a good one all.

Bpaul said...

Tentative meade?

Has that new batch happened??

Bentley said...

It has! But attempts to get some have been unsuccessful! Mostly because i didn't check before going up island, but the trip up was great! :P