Saturday, March 31, 2007

A lot to learn

I can see already there are things I really want to change and adapt to make this site easy to read and negotiate. Some introductory stuff at the top, wider formatting to take up more of the page, etc etc. So far my only html involves how to get page and line breaks into text LOL.

One day at a time, hello to all the new folks -- been sending out emails and cleaning up my email contacts for a bit today, amazing how many folks we know.


I've got these ideas, see

So I have these ideas that I'm tracking down. Things I'm investigating, plans I'm making, hopes I'm fostering. They're based on principals I picked up somewhere which felt right, but I've found that principals without action of some sort -- even the investigatory, learning-phase sort -- give me heartburn (note to self: have actually had heartburn a lot lately, maybe my mind is trying to tell me something here). ZeFrank had a great term for the unfulfilled ideas, brain crack.

Anyway, I was following a post I made on the Paleo board regarding tanning boar hide, and I realized -- if I talk about this stuff in a blog I'm totally outing myself LOL. This stuff seems normal to me now but you know what, its pretty wierd actually LOL.

C'est La Vie, out I come I guess.

Since I study Biology, have always studied nature, one central idea (should I call these meme's yet? Might be a bit heavy-handed)I'm on is finding uses for non-native invasive species. I'll have to develop this idea over a few posts so it doesn't become a huge, boring post. One of these invasive destructive species is Wild Boar. They are part of one of my lines of thought about eating/utilizing/creating a market for non native invasive species.

Quick overview: When humans decide a wild animal is tastey, or useful -- what is the most common result? Extinction or severe depletion of stocks. Why not turn this around and create markets/tastes/fads that require non-native destructive species to execute? Why not eat them?

So -- in Spain there is a whole food culture based on wild boar. There are cultural mores like looking at the hooves to make sure they are dark or black, meaning that pig was wild and eating lots of acorns and will taste especially good.

Wild boar are tearing up central and northern California like a flock of crazed rototillers. While I don't eat a lot of pork, you do the math.

Friday, March 30, 2007

A bit more musing at the start here

I'm at this point considering writing these posts like I write my letters -- no edit. Well, grammatical editing, but no musing and rewriting etc etc. I dig Kerouac's sentiment -- "editing is censorship." I also love Capote's take on Kerouac's style -- "that's not writing, that's typewriting."

So, yeah -- rambles -- weird punctuation, fragments, who knows. I'm sure my style, especially at first, is going to make my dear technical-editor friend Tommy's eyes bleed with my slack writing form (he blogs too).

Hmm, might be time to start a links section.

*Tap Tap* This thing work?

Well, many many people are encouraging me to start a blog, so here is a fledgeling start. Many things I need, including a digital camera, to make this really ring -- but for now I'll just start and keep writing and see how much it hooks me; and you for that matter.