Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tackling a small twisted metal behemoth

At least I feel like I'm tackling a monster. Today, I do plumbing. Yes me, the ex-electrician, ex ex carpenter -- finally buckling down and doing some plumbing.

I am willfully ignorant of plumbing. Insisting that since it's one of the only things I haven't done on a residential house (HVAC is the other) I wanted it to be one of those things we "just pay for." If I remained ignorant of how to do it, the theory went, then I wouldn't be asked to do it. This held up until we had a leaky antique faucet in the bathroom, which The Wife decided she'd fix. She came and got me when it was all torn to hell and spread (very logically, like someone fixing a carburetor) all over the bathroom floor. That fix took 4-5 trips to the parts store and as many phone calls to relatives.

But you see, we are in absolutely no position to hire a plumber to do that right now, and our kitchen faucet is "fixed" with tight wraps of masking tape. It has busted on the neck and sprays a fine spray of water all over the place every time it's used if the masking tape isn't there.

Oh, it's dandy looking right now -- real Clampitts kinda look, reaaaal classy.

So I'm going to start early and try to knock it off today. Going to get materials (in all honesty I'm planning on 4-5 trips, I'm a rank amateur) is going to be the "funnest" part -- oh yeah, Home Despot the Sunday before x-mas, yeah, that's gonna be great.

The Wife had me buy a sink off the neighbor when he removed it from his perfectly new kitchen. It is still here, a year and a half later, and will be part of this repair, I'll throw it in as well.

Ok /bitching off --

I'll shut up now.

Enjoy your up-to-date and functional plumbing,



CtheG said...

can't WAIT to see KT's photos of the process!!!
Go Bp GO! You can do it!!!!!!!

Nosy Parker Farnhand said...

Nu? How was the plumbing?

Bpaul said...

Well, we ran into some problems, of course.

I one more trip (that will be #3) will solve this one. Looks like the supply line problem is solved, and the water is working fine I'm still working with the drains.

But, I'm gone most all day tomorrow, so it's going to sit, undone, with crap all over the place.


I just love that

oh so love that


Shocho said...

Plumbing is Hell on Earth. The guys that do it deserve all the money they get.

It's also impossible to go to the hardware store just once, so three times is not out of line.

When I do plumbing, it gets worse than when I started. Same with car repair.