Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stop the MF'n presses: Peter Jackson has signed on to produce The Hobbit

Geeks and nerds, dorks and dweebs everywhere -- let us drop our heads, and take a moment of silence in thanks... Peter MF'n Jackson is going to make the MF'n HOBBIT!

Thank God.

You know, it just had to be done. The universe was set atilt by the LOTR movies, and it needed The Hobbit to set it right again.

And now we have it.

The Wife's gonna freak out.

Enjoy your earth-shattering revelations,


Edit/Addendum: A few more links about the subject: E news online, the grandest of fansites theonering.com, the NYT talks about fan pressure before the deal was done. Ok I'll stop now.


Tate said...

LOL this will be a great movie i think

Katye said...

Hey, I'm coming to get my hair DID! You can make me look like a hobbit!

Stu Farnham said...

Ummm, Katye, aren't you a bit, uh, tall?

As noted elsewhere, I may be the only person in North America that didn't care for LOTR. The mental imagery that I had developed reading Tolkein as a teenager was too strong and the films were therefore dissonant for me.

We were true Tolkein geeks, learning to write in runes and the whole 9 yards. Over the years, I've trimmed back to just being a geek.

Tate said...

Katye, i so could have worked the hobbit cut, but Stu is correct you are way too tall.

Bpaul said...

And leggy, way too much leg to be a hobbit.


*shutting up now*

Bpaul said...


I was able to watch these movies as separate from the books, and appreciate where they did get close to my internal imagery. I have had the exact same issue as you come up with other book adaptations, but for this one I had no dissonance.

Dunno why.

Shocho said...

I had no doubt that Jackson would get around to this eventually. I'm sure there was a certain monetary figure he was looking for.

But anywho... YAY! I can't wait to see it! :)

Kate said...

honestly, I was so happy to see something other than the Bakshi version of LoTR, I didn't get nearly as grumpy about some parts of Jackson's as I expected to.
Though Galadriel's 80's horror movie bit still grates a little......

Shocho said...

Ooh, we loved that scene when we were working on the TCG! I called that card, "CELEBORN! TAKE OUT THE TRASH!"

Galadriel was my favorite part, pretty much. I liked how she glided down the stairs.