Monday, December 10, 2007

Report from Institute Headquarters -- Golden Shield Qi Gong

I haven't talked about my Qi Gong practice much, because there isn't a lot I can say that conveys the experience of it. It's subtle, and strange, and hard for me to put into words. The effects are obvious, but the practice itself is quiet and personal.

For those of you who haven't seen the original postings, I practice Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong. Originally it was a guarded temple-style Qi Gong, held only by a few adherents at a time. Now it is taught openly in the United States. Dan Pappas is the instructor for the Portland chapter of the Jingui school. He's an approachable and encouraging instructor for the students here.

There are martial applications for this practice, namely the ability to be protected from physical harm to the body. These are benefits of the beginning levels of the practice, but not the primary focus. Primarily the results of practice are a healthier, more resilient constitution, and a greater amount of sustained energy throughout the day. I can definitely vouch for that, pulling ridiculous hours during the school term, and yet not getting dragged down nearly as badly as I used to. I've almost stopped going to acupuncture to help me deal with the bad conditions I create while in school -- not eating right, not sleeping enough, and stress. I didn't intend to stop going, it just kind of faded from lack of need. Or, to be more accurate, lack of catastrophic need. I could always use some acupuncture, just like I could always use some bodywork. It's never a bad day for a massage.

O.K. the room is warm enough to start training, I'll be back with ya'll tomorrow. I have a great animal to introduce for the Random Biological Tidbit that two of my BBC-o-phile friends turned me on to.

Enjoy your winter break, such as it is,


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