Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Aikido, nausea, and weather

I discovered pretty quickly that if I ate anything solid before Aikido class, I was going to get so nauseous that I'd have to sit out. The art involves a whole lot of rolling, especially in the beginning stages of training -- so you can take falls and not get hurt. My inner ear and I have been in constant negotiation during this class. I can only get so many rolls performed in a row before I'm standing against the wall with my head back breathing heavily.

This presents me with a problem, however. I still need nutrients. I tried getting a fresh-squeezed juice drink thingy last class and it worked great. This seems to solve the problem perfectly. I get an apple, lemon, ginger and wheatgrass juice. It tastes fantastico and I don't get all shakey and headachey from low blood sugar before Aikido class. Plus, it makes me kinda high and perky, which is nice.

The weather today has been really dramatic. Spring in the NW is great that way. Headed to school in a cool clear morning, got out of class into a torrential downpour, got my juice and came out of the cafe to prodigious pea-sized hail, walked to the library as the hail abated and turned to strong wind ripping through the park block trees. If the weathermen are to be believed, there might be thunder and lightning some time this afternoon as well -- rocking.

I wanted to mention that I have received some good information from a friend regarding the whole Bee Situation. I will be digesting it down into something (hopefully) pithy and deliver the info in a RBT in the next few days. There are dozens of articles to go through though, so it's taking time. He did a nice summary himself which I just may post if I feel like it's taking too long. He's a writer, he won't mind.

I need to come up with a pseudonym for this guy. He's a real character and I aught to be able to come up with something easily, but for some reason a good nickname is eluding me. I wanted to use Dirk Diggler, but it's not quite right. I mean, it's close, but not close enough. Being in better contact with him is one of the many benefits I've gained from writing this blog.

Finally, I'll leave you with some eye-candy. Here is a website for a local nature photographer named Michael Durham. He does gorgeous work, and I'll be following his blog from now on to see what he's up to.


ps/edit: We got the lightning and thunder! Very cool against the black clouds over campus. And when I arrived home, it looks like the hail was a lot larger on this side of town, almost grape sized. I'd say... oh Gooseberry sized. At least the ones that are smaller than commercial grapes.


Tate said...

i would lvove to try aikido, looks fun.. and the storm was fantastic

Bpaul said...

Aikido, I'll be honest, isn't super fun yet LOL. I remember it being fun when I first studied it, but I was 8 at the time sooooo.

I exaggerate, it is good. It's just my dam inner ear and my old joints complaining that make it slow. It is fun, and the movements feel quite natural (circles are the best). I am planning to keep taking it the whole time I'm in school.

Tate said...

sweet, i would not do well with the rolling around shit, when i was doing poekelan i was always getting dizzy. i like the escrima better.

Kate said...

I took aikido for a while...loved it, and loved the way it felt, but I was never going to be good at it. I'd hold my hands the way the sensei seemed to be holding his, and while everyone else in the class could tell me it was wrong, I couldn't see the difference. Spatial awareness ftw? ;)

Muse said...

We *never* get good storms up here in Victoria. I hope there is another one while I'm in Portland! I'd love to try and photograph lightning...hmmmm...