Thursday, December 13, 2007

Project Hamad has good news!

The guantanamo detainee that sparked the whole project, Adel Hamad, is home in Sudan. His name isn't cleared yet, and he will be pursuing that, but he is with his family. The Project update is below.

to: Members of Project Hamad

Dear Bpaul,

We finally have some great news to report. Adel Hamad is back in Sudan. Over two years after being cleared for transfer, Adel Hamad has finally arrived in Khartoum and was immediately released and allowed to reunite with his family. Earlier this week the U.S. government had announced the transfer of 15 Guantanamo detainees, two of them Sudanese. The Sudanese government believed that one of those detainees would be Adel Hamad but we had no confirmation that indeed he was on that plane until this morning. William Teesdale, his legal counsel from the Federal Public Defenders Office of Oregon, should be talking to him within the next hour or two.

We at Project Hamad want to thank everyone for your efforts and for keeping hope alive.

We will post again soon about the implications of Hamad's release. His lawyers hope to press the U.S. government to still give Adel Hamad his new CSRT hearing so he can truly clear his name. And we must remember that Adel is only one of many detainees cleared for transfer long ago, but who remain in legal limbo at Guantanamo. Adel Hamad's downstairs neighbor in Pakistan, Ameur Mammar, detainee #939, is just one of many examples. Lets keep them in our hearts while we celebrate Hamad's release.

We will write again soon. In the meantime, follow the progress on our blog.


David, Ben and Laura
Project Hamad

If this blog wasn't on some watchlist already, it sure as shit is now. C'est La Vie.

Enjoy the victories,


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