Friday, December 21, 2007

Rock Steady -- an Aretha Remix

Been busy as hell today, but didn't want to neglect folks -- so here's some dancing to keep you amused til I have time to research and/or write. I would have preferred an original version of this song, without the remix element, but once I started watching the video collage, I couldn't stop. Some totally rocking outfits and dance moves and retro awesomeness.

Enjoy your dancing 70's and 80's brethren,


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96 eStu said...

Teh dancing, etc, are great, but the music isn't Aretha's best, IMO. I really like her early stuff with Atlantic (her prior career with COlumbia was interesting, as they tried -- unsuccessfully -- to make a jazz singer out of her).

My favorite from this era is 'Chain of Fools'. The sidemen from Muscle Shoals are great; check out Duane Allman's fatback guitar behind the vocals.

Her best recordings, for me at least, were the two live gospel albums she recoreded for Atlantic: 'Amazing Grace' and 'One Faith, One Lord, One Baptism'; check out this from the latter: (do not adjust your set -- there is no video).

I couldn't find a clip of 'Chain of Folls' with the original recording (well, I found one, but opted not to post it). I *did* come across this oddity: Aretha performing an old favorite '96 Tears', originally recored by ? (prononced 'question mark') and the Mysterians:

For any other out there who may be as fond of music trivia as I, the original title of '96 Tears' was to have been '69 Tears', but ?'s record label thought that to be too suggestive. Check out the original (with groovy B&W TV)