Monday, December 31, 2007

Battle of Evermore via Tolkein, for Shocho

I saw this video and thought of Shocho immediately. He's probably already seen it, but I hope not. Notice how the editing of the scenes match key moments in the lyrics, such as mention of the ring wraiths and the runed ring. Nicely done. [technical note, I think this thing is getting downloaded so much it can be slow to load, just give it time it always does]

[via Pacific Views]

Enjoy your gaming friends,



Shocho said...

Did he say "friends" or "fiends"?

So, I guess you think that just because I worked on that LOTR TCG and ranked a couple of them Hobbit movies pretty high on my list that I might just be geeky enough to enjoy this?

I totally am and I totally do. It's beautiful. I can't believe somebody hasn't done this before. Number of Zep songs mentioning Tolkien references: 11.

Thanks! Happy New Year to all y'all!

Bpaul said...

That was pretty much exactly my thinking yes LOL.

Glad I got the scoop on that one, I really figured you had seen it already.

stingite said...

So I was in the ettenmoors yesterday fighting a couple of high ranking warlord orcs and I dragged them from the Steps of Gram over to Lugzag where I began using the free people NPCs as allies since I was clearly outnumbered . . . um . . . thanks for the video!

Bpaul said...

Woohoo! Toss down some LOTR and the gamers come out of the woods, look at that :-)