Friday, January 11, 2008

Name Change with The Study Group

[a pre-requisite for this post is The Study Group introduction, describing a few of these people and their nick-names -- still my most popular post on this blog]

Pre-med students have to take all 3 terms of grueling O-chem. We Oranismal Biology majors, with intent to become teachers, only have to take 1 term.

When The Study Group (almost all pre-meds) found out about this, they looked at me incredulously and said "you're gonna take all 3 terms, RIGHT?" I had to be honest -- dreading the response, "Uh -- no." That damned class is responsible for my first B at PSU -- it broke my streak, the bastard.

Oh the derision and foot-stamping, oh the incredulousness that ensued. We've been studying together, maniacally, for over a year now, and I had to go and fuck it up.

Doc Ock said, "Well, you have a new nick-name then. It has to be done. You're now YOKO... because you BROKE UP THE BAND!!"

It has stuck, I am now known as Yoko to The Group.

Enjoy the loyalty of friends,



Stu Farnham said...


While the conventional wisdom is that you broke up the Beatles, and while your behavior (and your "music") as documented during this period were certainly obnoxious, later investigation shows that it was Paul McCartney who broke up the beatles. He made an annoucement in May 1970 that he was leaving the group, and that caught the remaining Fab 3 by surprise.
The assumption is that Paul was tired of collaborating and wanted total creative control (which you can also see in the documentation from the period leading up to the breakup.

Enjoy the upcoming quiet period while I go shower and get dressed.

Tate said...

yahooo Stu, i am glad some others realize yoko did not "break up teh beatles"
so BP you should be paul or old rich guy

Bpaul said...

LOL geeks, all of ya.

I have no control over this nickname, though I appreciate your diligence in pursuing and propagating the truth.

I talked with 'Lil Mike and Tweaky about this, and they laughed the Paul reference off.

Yoko it is, and they're sticking to it LOL.

(besides I'm already a "paul" what's the fun in THAT)

Tate said...

well that is ok, they have every right to continue this LIE that has been propagated by the media and forced upon us.

Stu Farnham said...

'Paul' wouldn't work -- everyone knows that he's dead.


Tate said...


Shocho said...

John loved Yoko, and I loved John, and that's enough for me. You could be called a worse name. I can't think of one right now, but I'm sure it could happen.

Kate said...

sue? ;)

Katye said...


Touche Kate!

babs said...

given that your blog likes to find the truth in stories, may I nominate the name "linda" to replace the much-maligned "yoko"?

a brilliant dj once referred to paulmac as "a vanilla little sissy", which has always stuck for me. . . when he took up with linda eastman (of eastman-kodak heritage), her "family" advised paul of his genius that was being held back by john (cue:eye roll), and egged him on to "go solo" - hence subsequent "musical" offerings with wife in tow. . . media fact: in 20+ years of marriage, paul and linda never spent a night apart. . . they both were always more mainstream/commercial - hence his amassing a fortune and a title "sir" from british royalty (puke)and her frozen fastfoodsforfans. . .
paul is for public consumption, while john worshiped his less palatable partner yoko as the artist she is/was.
(I'm not a fan of her artistic output, but the vicious media attacks were always suspicious to me. . .still are)

Tate said...

Bravo Babs

Marty said...

Call him what you will, as long as he doesn't sing like Yoko....

Going to go scoop out my eardrums with a dull spoon now.

Marty said...

And just for clarity, Linda Eastman was not related in any way to the Eastman of Eastman-Kodak.