Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tornado warning in The Couve

Looks like Clark Country got some tornado damage this morning, and a tornado warning for the rest of the day. Careful out there, intense weather is all fun and games til someone loses an eye.

Enjoy your climactic conditions, best you can,



Kevin said...

I work just east of PDX and haven't seen anything interesting yet. Lots of really dark clouds over Gresham and radio reports of lightening accompanying them, but nothing that I can see or hear from outside.

Why does Vancouver get all the fun? ;-)

Bpaul said...

I was afraid to use the term "fun" in case any real damage or loss of life occurred.

I personally think big weather is fun, but I've never lost anyone to it. Driving back in that huge wind storm from Walla Walla was a blast. Was sorry for all the folks who had property damage tho.