Friday, January 18, 2008

Speaking of jerks in media, and action -- O'Reilly steps in it again

Brave New Films has got my attention again, this time about an assanine O'Reilly assertion that there are no U.S. Veterans who are homeless, or if there are there are very few of them. See the video below. And when you are done, if you want, check out this page at Fox Attacks for info and options.

I'm headed out soon to check out the beautiful coast range valleys just outside of Corvallis Oregon where some friends are moving. Ya'll have a good weekend.

Enjoy revealing the truth -- no better job out there,


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Stu Farnham said...

Just because I am a pacifist and a progressive does not mean that I lack compassion for veterans. It is shameful to see them exploited, whether by the media or by politicians, to advance an agenda.

If O'Reilly weren't numb from the neckline up, he'd be ashamed to be seen, let alone to open his mouth.

"Just another poor boy off to fight a rich man's war." - Steve Earle