Saturday, January 5, 2008

Improved shark picture -- lolshark

I confess, I find many lolcats hilarious. My friend Kate posted this picture in the comments for the shark post below, and I wanted to make sure folks didn't miss it -- a lolshark. The whole "has a flavor" is a thread running through lolcat humor. I thought this treatment of it was genius.

Enjoy your internet-driven interactive wiki humor,



Anonymous said...

Sharks are one threat (minimally, I've learned here). What about the UC-Davis study just out that says squirrels look for skin that rattlesnakes have shed to chew up and then lick on their fur...all to mask the squirrel sent and confuse predators...? Report is in the Christian Sc Monitor (1/03/08). Says the trick is handy when squirrels are asleep in their burrows because animals looking for them will think they smell a snake and keep away. In VA, squirrels don't live in burrows but maybe in this strange or what? Maybe divers could rub shark oil on themselves before a swim, and...? My dad used to say 'don't believe anything you read...and only half of what you see" -- good advice, usually! o happy day, VA momma

Bpaul said...

You know, VA momma, squirrels do many creepy things. They'll also eat carrion, which just struck me as wrong on a fundamental level when I first found it out.

They're suspect in the "cute" department as far as I'm concerned, hehe.

Gonzo said...

Hey, bpaul, thanks for visiting recently and for leaving a comment.

It's pretty funny to trace you back here to find this discussion on squirrels. I wrote about squirrels a couple of times, and while I agree that they are creepy, my theory is that their behavior is merely one piece of evidence of an over all trend in the animal kingdom.

Animal revolt escalting

Anyway, I enjoyed visiting your blog as well, always nice to meet another Pacific Northwest blogger, and I'll be sure to add you to our Circle of Blog blogroll.

Bentley said...

Here on the island we had a native population of black/red squirrels. (supposedly) 2 breeding pairs of grey squirrels were released and slowly (Over about 20 years) managed to kill off or starve out black/red.. But, When i was walking through beacon hill park years ago (I would of been 16?) we cam upon a group of grey squirrels sitting in the middle of the road eating a (still twitching) black squirrel..

i never, ever looked at squirrels the same way again :P

GoodRev'r'nd said...

Carrion eating squirrels - that's just plain *awesome* in my book.

Bpaul said...

Gonzo, NICE CATCH on the vicious squirrels story, awesome.

Bentley, that image you give of squirrels eating a still-living squirrel is seared into my synapses now, haunting.

Rev, I completely agree.

Gonzo said...

GoodRev'r'nd said...

"Carrion eating squirrels - that's just plain *awesome* in my book."

Yeah, well, when it's your corpse their chewing on, you might not find it so awesome, GoodRev'r'nd.

I think you better watch your back! ;-)

ZaGoodRev said...

Sounds like a Pacific NW style sky-burial to me! [scampers off to amend will]