Tuesday, January 15, 2008

World of Warcraft meets... Ron Paul?

I know it's said often, but my god the world is a strange place. It appears WoW gamers who support Ron Paul for president have organized an enormous online campain. The event was well enough attended that they lagged the server [gamer talk, sorry].

What a strange time we live in -- so so strange.

Enjoy the endless novelty created by the high-tech earth monkeys,


[graphic via embedded Village Voice article -- article via Jmichael]


Tate said...

what the hell... that is very strange indeed.
i bet it pissed a few people off too

Cowtao said...

yeah, I knew from the start of that story that the Paul supporters would be alliance! proving once again that the toons identified as 'teh good guys' in-game can pick a place (orgrimmar), and justify invasion of sovereign territory by naming them 'evil':
"Finally, they reached Orgrimmar, a ghastly, reeking city of the orcs, which Paul supporters had agreed would serve as a stand-in for Washington, D.C."
meh, take back what's never been yours bots, it's all smoke 'n' mirrors to mesmerise you!
everyone knows horde is a buncha lone wolf anarchists.
For teh HORDE!!
(pls no vry tongue in teh cheeeky!)