Saturday, January 12, 2008

I know how to fix electronic voter fraud!

Let's have an organized movement of Kucinich supporters just hack the dam machines themselves. How come only the warmongers get all the fun?

You think it's hard, here is a video to show you that it's not, and only takes a flashdrive and a phillips head screwdriver.

Don't worry, there's absolutely no way to recount the vote, so he'll either have to win or they'll have to do a re-vote of some kind -- a paper vote or mail in vote to "correct" the "inconsistency." In either case it would be verifiable, and the actual most favorite candidate would win.

You see, it's only "voting inconsistency" if a non-corporate, anti-war candidate wins by cheating. It's business as usual if the other type wins -- hell at this point it's a tradition.

You want to see lightning-fast recounts? You want to see verifiable paper trails come up in congress, pass, and be implemented in unheard-of speed? Have KUCINICH WIN!! That'll light a fire under their asses, wouldn't it!


[as is becoming usual, got this info from the ever-handy blog Piglipstick]

Legal Disclaimer: I would never seriously suggest that every single person that has the balls to do it go out and hack voting machines, making their mothers win, or Woody Harrelson, or Dr. Ruth -- it's just an absolutely whimsical little fiction I'm proposing for the purpose of creating blog traffic on my own little personal non-commercial blog. It's a game -- see -- for kids!

Ps: I was going to pick Ron Paul as the candidate of choice, but if he got into office, even for a few minutes -- he'd start knocking out programs like Head Start, and Social Security so fast he may cause problems. Sorry Kucinich, I'm sure you understand.

Enjoy your pre-tea morning inspirations,



Little Thom said...

I love it. But I think they should make Elizabeth Harper (wife of Dennis) president. Dennis would be a great First Gentleman.

Bpaul said...


I completely agree, all his expertise, savvy, and humanitarian action in a smoky behind-the-scenes room while she goes out and gets photographed repeatedly for all of us to oogle.

I would possibly start watching television again.

Stu Farnham said...

re: disclaimer: See, I told you. Too many lawyers.