Tuesday, January 15, 2008

FDA set to approve cloned animals for food markets

According to this AP article, the FDA has approved cloned animals safe for for market as meat and for milk production. The final approval is a few months away. It doesn't look like they plan to make it mandatory to label it as such either.

Enjoy the comfort and confidence provided by your corporate government agencies' oversight,



Stu Farnham said...

Hmmm... "approved as safe"

How do they know?

This is another case of reach exceeding grasp. As a species we contiue to conflate "can do" with "should do".

Bpaul said...

Prehistory: radiation therapy was "approved as safe" and administered to my father as a child. My pregnant grandmother held his hand (no lead bib) when she was pregnant.

Father had multiple surgeries for throat cancer as an adult, and that child in my grandma's belly was born with brain cancer.

"Approved as safe" by government agencies doesn't fly very far with me, I must admit.

CtheG said...

guess I really do need to cut out dairy and meat. I thought it was initially a personal health issue, but now I see it as a global health issue. That is disgusting.

Bpaul said...

Yes, despite all the wordiness I tend towards -- my simple reaction is "gross!"

Katye said...

Or his famous "EWWWWWWWWW!!! ICKY" response. Tres Macho!

barbs said...

I blogged this story too - but picked up the story from bbcnews, who added one important point missing from the AP story:
"The EU has indicated that if products from cloned animals were approved, they would have to be labeled.

This contrasts directly with the US position, opening up the possibility of trade disputes similar to the lengthy and costly row between the EU and US over genetically modified foods."

The FDA says no need to label the 'fud' despite the majority of americans (and other consumers) wanting that. . . just like GMO-fud, which the europeans fought strenuously against forced yankee imports through "free trade agreements". . .

democracy? wassat?