Monday, January 21, 2008

A brief splash of politics -- Hormuz and Unverified Voting

Had these links floating around waiting for a blog posting for a few days now, figured I'd just share them real quick.

First a well written piece on the recent Gulf of Tonkin -- I mean Straight of Hormuz jilted attempt at making an excuse for war. Next, a article investigative piece on some of the people behind electronic voting -- you'll never guess, they have GOP connections -- no, really!

[via Estu and Astock, respectively]

(Remember kids, if the unverified black box voting pisses you off, you can always just hack the stupid things and elect someone dear to your heart for your district -- I kid, I kid.)

Enjoy catching up on your blogwork,



Marty said...

I don't know B, doesn't seem the same to me. No one disputes that the Iranian boats where there, just that embellishments seemed to have been used liberally. And if it had been me out there with the thought of what happened to the Cole, it would have been hard not to shoot.

It's Washington DC, get a fucking helmet.

And about Commonground. Progressive, eh? Does that mean they listen to Rush and Dream Theater when they work on their "news" articles? So now we just need a centrist "progressive" website and a conservative "progressive" website. Whoot, I am firing up 2112 right now.

/wave Did ya miss me? lol

Marty said...

Sorry, meant Commondreams. Must have coffee on my mind or something.

Bpaul said...

How could you know about common grounds coffe shop tho? It's on Hawthorne blvd in Portland.

You move to Ptown and not tell me you bitch?


Bpaul said...

And yes, did miss you. Good to see you sir.

Marty said...

Think there is one with the same name in Dayton,Oh.