Sunday, January 13, 2008

Daniel Craig, Sexy (hacking Diebold voting machines) Daniel Craig Shirtless!

In the interest of appealing to a wider audience than the original Oiled-Up-Bikini-Girls hacking post, I've found some Daniel Craig material to accompany my (entirely fictitious, and for the purposes of entertainment only) appeal to voters in the electronic, unverifiable, black box voting machine states.

The real Daniel Craig Moneyshot is video of him walking out of the ocean in the new James Bond -- this however is not easy to find on the internet, so I grabbed what I could (see link here).

Since that material was so sub-par, I found a more typical youtube genre -- that of the slideshow-to-music fan video. The video embedded below had the best music, and this one had some of the best pictures.

So, for all you folks out there hot to get into Daniel Craig's pants (Tate), there is a little collection of visuals for you.

But remember, what this is really about is you hacking a Diebold voting machine with a screwdriver and a flashdrive, and putting James Brown, or Big Bird, or Vanilla Ice for president. That's the important (and totally fictitious, for humor only -- all you NSA observers who read this blog) part.

Enjoy the results of Daniel Craig's prodigious workout regime,



Tony said...

Wow, you're a whore!

Bpaul said...

This is news to you? :-)

Tate said...

sometimes in life you just have to get a towel and clean up the mess

Bpaul said...

Oh my.

Well, I guess the post worked for its target audience.

Tate said...

LOL, thanks for the vid my friend, one of my two favorite hollywood hunks. Mike Rowe is the other one.. *SIGH*