Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A bad case of dogs

As per The Wife's request, here is a current Farnham Canine Family Portrait.

Monty, Sophie, and Trouble are all field champion dogs. Annie is the house dog.

When bird dog people talk about their dogs' personalities and performance, they lapse into another type of language. It is a lot like listening to a wine expert describing a wine, specific coded language. When I asked Stu to describe his competitors when they are field trialing, here is a paraphrase of his response: Monty is known to be very fast and athletic in the field; Trouble is the ultimate "push button" bird dog -- she just does it right; and Sophie is known for the smoothness and joy of her movements when she is competing. I can tell there are reams of information involved in those simple phrases that I don't get, I haven't been initiated into that society. They are good little thumbnails on the dogs' personalities, nonetheless.

Although they are all top tier competitors, here at the house, they are also all lap dogs. In most circumstances, I'm kind to dogs, enjoy their presence, and enjoy that I go home to my cats. I don't want to own dogs. These dogs have always tugged a bit harder at my heart strings than most, however. They are sweet people, and talented to boot.

Clockwise, from the back: Annie, Monty, Sophie, and Trouble.
And another shot:

Enjoy your animal companions,



Bentley said...

I Miss owning dogs :/ but, we've turned into a cat household. :P

Katye said...

OMG they are so cute! They also look like (if they could put a collective mind together) that they could completely overpower any one person in that house at any time and drool them to death.

There are some big lungs in that group, I can sense it. It's interesting to see a few speckled specimens mixed into the dog batch.

Bpaul said...

Monty, especially, is a "big lung" dog. You can't take him out after birds unless you are on horseback, because he HAULS lol.

The "speckled" varieties are English Setters as opposed to the Farnham stape, Gordon Setters or "black and tan" setters.

Bpaul said...

That's "staple" dammit.

Oh me and the typos today.

Tate said...

Love the dogs very nice..