Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I was wrong on the Ron Paul vote fraud

The specific instance I mentioned, where one town had come in with zero votes for Ron Paul, was a Human Error, according to officials. In that instance, it wasn't an electronic voting machine thing at all, it was simply a person taking the 31 votes and writing down 0. Except, in a vote-counting scenario THATS A BUG HUGE FUCKING DEAL. Possibly big enough to instigate a recount, it's votes for crissakes, you've got to get it right.

In this article, they do talk about how stinking easy it was for the voting machines to be hacked, as tested by the organization Black Box Voting. They also cover the voting irregularities more thoroughly than other sources I've seen.

I noticed too, that when I tried to Google this story -- all the top hits were blogs, conspiracy websites, and discussion forums. Where is Big News on this? Oh that's right, Ron Paul isn't newsworthy, I forgot.

I swear I try to stay away from the political stuff -- I swear. But, like The Godfather, "they keep pulln' me back in."

Enjoy truth wherever you can find it,



Bentley said...

You silly Americans. we do this COUNTRY WIDE and run into almost no problems. Though, our method is harder to rig and easier to account for, i guess not all systems are perfect ;)

Bpaul said...

You hoidey toidey know-it-all smug Canukistani's can STUFF IT, with your verifiable elections, your social awareness, your single-payer medicine...


(I kid... no really)

Stu Farnham said...


Bentley said...

Oh well, supposedly we're do for another one soon to oust the conservative minority government. YAY us! :D

Stu Farnham said...


When you are finished up there, could you please come oust ours?


Marty said...

Hehe, hiya.

Canuckistan, that's my word!

And the reason you don't hear much about Ron Paul in the mainstream news is even with his ginormous fundraising, he is still the Republican answer to Dennis Kucinich. Yeah he makes sense on a lot of things, but that's the last thing that will be tolerated in any modern government, of any country.

Bpaul said...

Holy hell in a handbucket, it's Marty. What's up punk?

And yes I agree, on both counts.

Bentley, what Stu said, chop chop.

Bentley said...

I need to take a picture of me wearing my Canuckistan shirt. And gladly. We're as sick of hear about them as you are living under them.

Bentley said...


Kevin said...

Echo Stu. Please come oust ours too.