Friday, January 25, 2008

Lack of ire lately? Check out this latest Bush move -- retroactive immunity.

Looks like we have an interesting rider on a bill this week. It gives Bush and his cabal retroactive immunity for war crimes, specifically those regarding Guantanamo and torture (it's called Torture, not "treatment of prisoners" in my book). Not willing to wait for pardons from the next compliant president, the Bush cabal is writing immunity into legislation now.

If I had more time I'd point you to places to make a ruckus, but by now folks aught to know how to do that. Actually, I just thought of a convenient link to answer these questions over at Palouse Diary -- "Places to Flex your Political Muscle," a great post consolidating the info you need to make a ruckus.

[video via Piglipstick, kickin ass in the NW]

Enjoy life, make a ruckus,



Oregonian37 said...

Whether you support him or not, Merkley has a petition about this that he will be delivering to Wyden and Smith.
jeff merkley

Wyden filibustered with Dodd last month. Hopefully he will again.

Stu Farnham said...

Here's another good resource for tracking what's coming up in Congress:

Shocho said...

I'm scared to watch this for fear it will make me so mad it will ruin my whole day. But I promise I'll get around to it.

Stu Farnham said...

Is this in the FISA bill??? I looked all over the pending legislation and couldn't find it...

Bpaul said...

I believe it is, but have to do some digging.

If you find out let me know, just back in town a few minutes ago.

Stu Farnham said...

OK, I have tracked this down and it is a provision of the PAA additions to the FIAS. Here is the email I just sent to our senators from WA:

I want to signal my vehement opposition to several aspects of the Protect America Act.

1. I am completely opposed to the lack of meaningful judicial oversight of surveillance authorized under this program.
1a, I feel that granting sole power to the executive to authorize such surveillance violates the separation of powers
1b. I am concerned that the private companies so authorized will exceed the scope of surveillance allowed by this law, and abuse the ability to surveil for their own purposes
2. I am opposed to giving US contractors immunity from local law when working oversees.
3. I am opposed to granting immunity to US officials as allowed for in the proposed legislation.

I ask you to support the current filibuster as well as to ensure that any law passed to extend amendmnet to FISA address the above concerns. Civil liberties are a defining issue for me and one which determines how I vote. Your support for civil liberties will go a long way towards earning my support of your next reelection.

Bpaul said...

Going to post this Stu, thanks for doing the legwork.