Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Elijah Wood interviewed about The Hobbit

Here is an article dropping a few more hints about the two Hobbit movies, including some interview material from Elijah Wood.

The only thing that worried me a bit, is that they look like they might "stretch" or even fabricate material to fill in the gaps in the story that they want to cover. But, if you look at what was written "off the page" for the last movies (like the "Gollum talking to himself/psychotic scene") they did a bang up job -- so maybe it's not as worrisome as it first seems.

[via my faithful Canukistani operative]

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Stu Farnham said...


Bpaul said...

You know it sister.

Tate said...

mega geek.
you crack me up. but it does look like it will be a good movie

Marty said...

When they make The Silmarrilion into a movie, then I will be impressed.

Bpaul said...

Marty, holy crap man, you set the bar high dont'cha.

Marty said...

Mark my words, in ten years the talk will be about the new "Witchking of Angmar" movie. They already did it with their RTS game.