Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Let the voting irregularities begin

Ticketless voting must be fixed before the general elections. There must be a physically-countable product of voting so votes can be challenged and checked. It should have been fixed before the primaries. I predict we see some very funky numbers coming from every state that uses electronic voting in their primaries.

The first I saw (thanks Piglipstick) involve Ron Paul in New Hampshire... in small towns where people absolutely assert that they voted for him, the votes were counted and he received --- ZERO votes.

What was the difference between the last primary and this one? At least on the democratic side, it was a caucus system in Iowa and not voting machines.

In New Hampshire, it is LHS associates' electronic voting machines.

Polls predicted different outcomes, which happens, but when black box voting is being used in the state it throws the whole vote into question.

If you want to look into the issue of verified voting more in depth, check out

I'll have to dig up something to enjoy, this shit pisses me off,


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