Sunday, January 20, 2008

Couple pictures of The Shire (as it's now to be known)

Here is a view down the valley I visited yesterday from the road. It goes gravel, but is well maintained.

This second picture is another view, with a bit of elevation. Until I get some maps out I couldn't tell you exactly what direction I'm facing, I think roughly West. There are lots of sheep, some cattle, and goats being raised here.

This last picture shows one of the many creeks and rivers that wind through the valley. There were plenty of steelhead fishermen plying the waters while I was there.

Got to go, more later.

Enjoy pastoral landscapes when you can find them,



Dani said...

Beautiful pics, B. I'm really thinking another trip to Portland is in order. I did all the touristy stuff last time, next time I'd like to see all of these secret places first hand. :)

Stu Farnham said...

Mmmmm, I smell fish!

Land Ark Northwest said...

Oh yes Stu, there are fish aplenty -- just need to find time to go after the little (and big) dudes! I hear B told you about the other property for sale? Did he mention the flock of wild turkey basking on the hill when we went by?

This really is The Shire, or as close as you can get to it in Oregon. And I simply can't believe how friendly and welcoming the neighbors and inhabitants are. It's unreal.

Bpaul said...

my god, the Luddite his'self posting on my little blog

I'm famous


CtheG said...

These photos are beautiful BP! I'm so proud of you right now! Thanks for posting them. Love to see what you are describing. Looks like Ireland to me.

Bpaul said...

Just snapshots, seriously LOL. I just wanted to find nice vistas to give a sense of the place, it's really hard to depict landscape I'm coming to find.

You know, it does look irelandy... especially the pastures containing wooly sheep.

Bpaul said...

The thing that intrigues me the most is that this is how it looks in the dead of freaking winter. I can't wait to see spring, holy cow.

Tate said...

I am very jealous..... Maybe one there will be some acreage left and i will sell my city home and move out there too.. every shire needs a grumpy old man

Hey there Luddite how are you??