Thursday, January 10, 2008

Giuliani gets 9.11% in three different NH towns

What are the odds that Giuliani gets 9.11% in three separate New Hampsire town primaries -- Campton, Sandwich & Hampton. [check the source, it's AP]

My good friend Estu likes to use the law of parsimony, otherwise known as Occam's razor, to analyze this type of event. The simplest or most straightforward, least effort, least complicated answer is most likely the truth.

Seriously, what are the odds? Should be easy for a statistician to calculate -- which means near impossible for me to calculate. If anyone out there can calculate the odds, I'd love to see them. How does Occam's razor apply here.

Piglipstick, where I got this info, postulates this may be a message (presumably from the folks who defrauded the vote, to show that they had). I don't know either way, but it sure as shit is interesting.

Enjoy the enormous anomalies,



Stu Farnham said...

OK, hang on.

Earlier it was postulated that voting machines were hacked to wipe out the Ron Paul vote in one town. Then that assertion was discovered to be erroneous. So, what hacking of voting machines are we talking about?

Also, if the number were something else, say 18.5%, or 37%, would this even have come up? 9.11% is basically 1/11 with a little rounding up.

Personally, I think all this consipiracy thing is a clever double blind by the conspirators to convince all of us skeptics that there is no conspiracy. Every time I see a straw grasped for my skepticism increases. Grasp enough strwas and skeptcism become outright disbelief.

Enjoy the last paragraph, which was written tongue in cheek.

Bpaul said...

"9.11% is basically 1/11 with a little rounding up. "

I so don't get your math here... LOL.

'splain lucy. (if you want)

Bpaul said...

PS: you are absolutely right -- no other number repeated 3 times would raise eyebrows.

I can't find another % (of any number) for the other candidates that repeats 3 times. If someone does, that would be interesting to see.

Shocho said...

Because Giuliani supporters quit voting for him when they see he has 9.11%. He should run for president of 9/11 (I stole that from the Onion).