Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Events in Portland: conundrum and suggestions

I often feel completely overwhelmed by how much stuff happens in Ptown that I'd like to attend, and miss. In the last few years, to be honest, I've just plugged my ears and yelled "lalalalallalala" to it all. I don't check The Mercury for music events, or the Readings at Powells Books even.

I do subscribe to an email list from Reed College about visiting writers, because I've scored big there and it's passive. I actually got to share coffee and chit chat one of my favorite authors, Chris Offutt. He read out of an as-of-yet unpublished manuscript, we knocked around some ideas with him, it was freaking great. And free, which just puts it over the top.

Where was I?

Oh, so I got a calendar from the Portland REI that I wanted to point a few things out from. The Map and Compass Navigation class looks just dandy. One of those skills you want someone to know for you, and thus should learn for your own dam self (speaking of my own dam self here). Snow Survival with Trackers NW looks like another goldmine. And just for fun, the Marshall Park Ivy Pull. Who can pass up a chance to be a destructive vandal, but for The Light? Rip apart plants and climb trees and trash stuff in a public park, but to rid it of an invasive species -- perfect.

Gods, this turned into a big post when I wasn't looking. Time for morning tea.

Enjoy your local educational and recreational opportunities,



Bentley said...

So jealous! i need to keep more up on these sort of courses in my own town :( I hope you had a great "New years" meaning last night! :P And, ffs, i need to get my ass in check and get myself down to see you guys!

Bpaul said...

Why yes you do need to come down.