Monday, September 1, 2008

The Virile Vampire strikes again: Putin saves film crew from Tiger

Remember the Virile Vampire article? That was the hyperbolic praise Russian press gave regarding Vladimir Putin. This new article, about him saving a film crew from a tiger with the deft use of a tranquilizer gun, is coming from Reuters and Yahoo News. What the hell!

You got to love the cult of personality, it just cracks me up.

I mean, who knows -- the guy is former KGB and maybe he just has the skills. I love watching the show though I must say.

Enjoy the Russian press, makes ours look "fair and balanced" at times,


[via Yuri of course, photo credit in linked article]


David Gerard said...

He was showing the effete Westerners the power of Russian manliness.

(The photos are all courtesy the Presidential Press Agency, so count as promos.)

Bpaul said...

that version of the story owns my version of the story


eStu said...

As if there isn't enough testosterone in politics already...