Friday, September 12, 2008

Guess where I am

I'm in the cool old-L.A. style bungalow of Catherine the Great and her male concubine Jerry. Catherine is scrambling up some of the smoked salmon we brought with eggs for breakfast. Rocking. [there is supposed to be a cute photo of Catherine and Jerry right here, but the mac is arguing with me, so here is a link]

We are in a cool neighborhood within Highland Park. We flew into LAX last night chatting away with a big Santa-looking fellow who is a diesel and drag-car mechanic. He was headed in to L.A. to truck a dragster to a race somewhere in the middle of nowhere (Bakersfield).

I will probably throw up a post or a photo or two while we're down here.

Enjoy your day,



Stu Farnham said...

Didn't you have trouble with a Mac when you were up on the Metolius?

Hmmm, maybe Windows isn't so bad after all (maniacal laughter...)

Bpaul said...

Shush you LOL

CtheG said...

COME BACK! And bring your beautiful wife!