Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why so serious about Sarah?

The Chumslick is one of my favorite blogs. The guy is irreverent, and even crass, but for all the right reasons. When he's onto his pro-shark (even pro shark-bite) stance, he's both hilarious and heart-breaking. He often says the things that I was thinking but hadn't gotten the guts up to post myself.

Here is his post about Sarah Palin and her stance on wildlife and wildlife protections. He links to some great posts and articles and videos in the blog, but let me give you an excerpt of the author's own words that I especially appreciate:

She stands for the thing we might despise most: the hurbristic belief in mankind's divinely-sanctioned exploitative dominance over nature and wildlife--an extension of Manifest Destiny.

These people are quick to say that the Bible sanctions man's dominance over the world and all things in it, but then they forget that for every Bible passage that asserts man's dominance, there are 20 that condemn greed and waste.

I'll let his post stand on its own, it's worth your read.

And here is a cartoon that slams the general idea home:

Enjoy folks who are on your side, and really put it out there,



CtheG said...

i feel sick...

Sharky said...

I have never been called "crass" more warmly.

Thank you for the rave review.



Bpaul said...

My pleasure sir,