Sunday, September 14, 2008

Total L.A. experience

So we went to the Arclight theatre to see the opening of Burn after Reading by the Cohen Brothers. The cool thing about the Arclight is that it is assigned seating. Yes it costs more, but you don't have to wait in cattle call and hope you are going to get your seat. The other thing about the Arclight is that the famous people like this feature of the theatre as well.

So who do we see on the way out of the theatre? Natalie Portman. She's teeeeeeny! Like this big (make a one-inch mark with two fingers to illustrate). I also spotted a character actor who has been in a meeeelion tv shows and films in the 70's and 80's -- who is neither Ernest Borgnine nor Paul Sorvino. I can't find his name for the life of me.

We are off to have a breakfast at Auntie Em's Kitchen. Supposedly really great food, despite being a hipster hangout. Ps: the hipsters in L.A. look almost identical to the hipsters in Portland. There is some media that they are both consuming to check their clothing (and facial hair) against.

I do think we're going to hit the La Brea Tar Pits as well, The Wife said she wanted to see "huge dead animals." That will fit the ticket.

Here's the trailer for the movie -- I'll probably review it later, but have to get to breakfast ATM.

Enjoy bumping around tinseltown virtually,



eStuster said...

There's a weird recursion with regard to hipsters: putting the current generation of hipsters down is the earmark of the nascent generation of hipsters.

And so it goes...


Bpaul said...

Hey, I'm becoming an old fart, so sue me.

Takes one to know one!

Stu Farnham said...

Hey, I was accusing you of being a nascent hipster. I'm still the old fart around here, sonny.

Bentley said...

Old farts, and i probably have more grey in my hair then either of you. :P

Bpaul said...


Oh that stuff we used to have on the top of our heads? Yeah, you may have more grey hair than us, because YOU HAVE HAIR.


Marianna said...

Natalie Portman!?! I would have jumped her.

Bpaul said...


She's itty bitty I tell you.

CtheG said...

I almost jumped her!
But she's so tiny she swept away before I got the chance!
But I made sure to make a huge scene that I saw her. Trying to be cool, yet ending up....not so much!