Thursday, September 4, 2008

The most amazing geek tool/gadget ever! Swiss army flashdrive knife.

I know so many people who are going to buy one of these within minutes of knowing it exists it's not even funny. Yes, there is a Swiss Army knife that also sports a flash drive. It's called the Swiss Memory, Holy Geekarific Batman!!

You can even get one with a laser pointer -- how amazing is that.

Just cracks me up.

Enjoy stumbling upon things that will make your friends freak out,


[via Piglipstick]


Trappin' Pat said...

Actually its sad. Swiss Army knives last decades, a flash drive will last another 3-4 years (by way of obsolence or just plain breaking).

Bpaul said...

Ahh, but the flashdrive is at least removable/replaceable.

Kate said...

Rob's immediate response...

"How much is it?!"

Shocho said...

Since I gave three of my Swiss army pocket knives to the TSA nazis, I don't carry a pocket knife any more. I do have a cool 4GB flash drive on my keychain that's half the size of that, so I'm still your geeky friend.

CtheG said...

my husband is going to drool when he sees this. I might have to buy him one for his birthday. shhhhh.