Friday, September 19, 2008

Pressing issues of the day: kitch lighting placement

So our happy household is getting together tonight to have a real, official house meeting. There are many items on the agenda, but the newest one I thought the most entertaining.

I scored this incredibly fabulous, nearly tasteless, shiny light fixture from some friends who were doing a remodel. It's made of bad fake brass, and there's one missing link in the crystal dome that I fixed with a twist of copper wire.

The pressing question is:

Is the best place for this light fixture? In the stairwell - semi hidden?

Or does it need a more central location, like the dining room, so it can truly shine.

Are we more embarrassed or entertained by it is, basically, the meat of the matter.

Enjoy the frivolous aspects of life,


Addendum: I've decided to make a poll and get your input -- click away. [I'm using a new poll generator, so probably isn't going to look too hot. I apologize to my graphic designer friends ahead of time]


Anonymous said...

Did you expect me to say anything other than, "Hang it high!!!"

it is awesome...


Chuck Butcher said...

Um, a closet.

Bpaul said...

Hehe, we have a difference of opinion. One says great one says junk, I love it.

Bpaul said...

Chuck -- too many years working on folks' homes. You've become jaded. I understand, I've been there hehe.

Chuck Butcher said...

My wife decorates our house. I designed the 2x addition to this 1878 Victorian and that included the main features, but no paint colors, lights, hangings, etc - I ain't allowed and I'm too smart to try to I come here to start trouble.

Anonymous said...

While Ethan Allen it is not, nor the crown jewel of the Waldorf Astoria, it has its merits. Therefore, I humbly suggest you retool the lighting fixture by gorging its internal hardware, turning it upside down, and transforming it into a guppy fishbowl, with which you may provide hours of unlimited entertainment to Pootie and the other fur sharks.

Bpaul said...

Chuck, you cracked me up.

Anonymous, if it were waterproof I'd consider it. I truly would.