Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's no accident that Dooce makes a living blogging

The Wife and I are both Dooce fans. She is a more thorough and consistent reader of the blog however. Recently, she mentioned that I really must read this post about Dooce taking her puppy to the herding class.

Now listen to that sentence... this isn't soccer mom's talking, this is us. We don't watch soap operas or speak about Oprah more than once or twice a year.

And yet, Heather B. Armstrong's writing is so good we can't resist reading about her kid, her husband, her dogs... whatever. She's just so damned funny, and heart felt, and irreverent, and psycho, and eloquent. She's not a slouch of a photographer either.

Anyway, read the post I mentioned above and see what I mean. She takes the mundane and shows so much through it. That's a hell of a skill, and I tip my hat.

Enjoy talent, especially if it gets you to do things you'd otherwise disavow [like reading a Mommy Blog],


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