Friday, September 12, 2008

By the way, KT Tunstall is still smoking hot

Ok I know I posted this video before, but just in case you missed it, check out KT Tunstall doing a solo (looped, sampling herself as she goes) performance of "Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree."

Totally hot.

Enjoy flashbacks whenever you can dig them up,



Shocho said...

I love the solo looped sampling KT! I saw her do this on TV and went right out to buy her album. She's terrific! Even though she does speak that strange Scottish brogue that sounds vaguely like English but is mostly alien. Shirley Manson is also from that planet.

Marianna said...

holy shit, that's hot.

Bpaul said...

ain't it tho?

Bpaul said...

Shoch, I'll have to check out Shirley Manson -- I want to hear this brogue.