Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Biden -- encouragingly level-headed about upcoming V.P. debates

Looks to me like Biden is going to work out just fine. Here's a quick video where he talks about the upcoming Veep debates, the sound ain't so hot, but the content is encouraging.

Enjoy calming down a bit about the upcoming election,


[via Portland Mercury blog]


eStu said...

(in my best Sam Kinison voice)

I could CALM DOWN anbout the NEXT ELECTION if we had some REAL SAY IN THE MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck Butcher said...

You do, work for it

Stu Farnham said...


I politely but completely disagree with you with the vehemence of a disappointed idealist. My say in the matter is limited to a choice between two candidates neither of whom have positions that I support. Voting for Obama because he is not McCain is not my preference, despite being a life long Democrat.

I was told that I was wasting my caucus and primary votes because I supported Kucinich, whom I was told had no chance to getting serious consideration. Surely a system that is rife with such attitudes, that uses "electability" as one of its primary considerations, does not offer true choice..

You and I have very different views of this. I don't want anyone to think that my frustration is directed at you in any manner.

I have been surprised this year at how many people across the political spectrum believe that the system no longer represents them and their interests. I live in southeast Washington, in a conservative area. Even some of my most conservative friends share my conviction about how broken the system is, as it currently exists.

Now, sniveling in a friends blog is not going to drive effective change and reform. A large part of my frustration is that I do not see a way to drive such reform. If you do, and can help me to understand, I would welcome hearing from you.

I went that route of working within the system starting in 1968, and have only seen matters get worse.

The political process, at least at the national level, filters out any but the least-common-denominator candidates. The pressures from special interest groups dictate the limits on policy, and dominate the best interests of the population.

The candidate selection process is geared towards gaining or maintaining power. The discussion at election time is personal and political instead of oriented towards policy, and, the closer that elections come, the more risk averse the candidates become, moving their positions closer to the status quo.

While there are still problems at the local level, I feel that local governments are more responsive and accountable to the electorate;