Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here's what some of your taxpayer money is doing, shuttling drugs in the same planes that shuttle terror suspects for "extraordinary rendition"

When does it end? Here's an update on the story of the CIA plane that went down in the Yucatan last year with 3.7 tons of cocaine on board. "Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc." which owns the plane, appears to be a front. GO FIGURE.

Who knew Boing Boing did pieces like this eh? It was a great site before this, but now is sterling in mine eyes. The Boing Boing post has a slew of good links to follow to get background information on this story.

Enjoy pulling the wool off your eyes,


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eStu said...

Hmmm. Perhaps the "war on drugs" is more like "the war on the competition" (or was that "on the Constitution"? Or both?)

The purpose of government is quickly perverted to the preservation of its own power -- in any way, at any cost.

As those who know me know, I am not kidding. The Bush administration may be bad, but only by degree and/or by how blatant they are in their cynicism.

I am finding an increasing number of people across the political spectrum who believe that our government has ceased to serve the interests of its citizens, serving instead its own self-interest and those of its investors, oops, contributors, oh, wait, ummm, lobbyists, oh, hell, forget it -- the economic interests into which the military-industrial complex has evolved.

The rage that I and others feel is at our helplessness in the face of this situation. Elections wil not help. because the process has evolved to carefully cull out true agents of change.