Monday, September 1, 2008

Google Earth exposes swastika at Naval Base

What can you say to a big swastika on a Naval Base built in the '60's in San Diego? Here's what the Navy said:

The Navy has long known it looked like a swastika but thought people would not see it. “In the ’60s we did not have the Internet,” a spokeswoman said.

Ham-fisted, at the least.

The San Diego Anti Defamation League went after the Navy for using the symbol, and the Navy is spending $600k to fix the look of the buildings. Check out this New York Times article for a few more details.

Enjoy conspiracy bait that keeps the hornets buzzing,



msherm said...

sounds like a waste of 600k to me. Big deal, better things for people to spend their time and money on.

I read about this a few years ago and remember being irritated about it but today it is even more obnoxious. Of all the things that actually matter in the world people are bent out of shape about some meaning they themselves assigned to the shape of a building's footprint!

Bpaul said...

That's my boy :-)

eStu said...

Way to say, msherm... it's nonsense.

The Navy should ahve told the ADL that they should go worry about something that was worth a sh*t.

CtheG said...

oy vey.