Wednesday, September 24, 2008

XKCD's take on the bailout -- beyond awesome

Federal Reserve Skateboard: A Short Story is the funniest thing I've read in... I don't know how long. Definitely fits the bill for a serious laugh in the face of recent news.

Here's the first paragraph and a bit more for a teaser:

Damn these subprime lenders, thought Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, barely keeping his balance on the wobbling skateboard. We can’t afford more debt. He snapped a grappling-hook-tipped quarrel into his crossbow as the skateboard slowed. When the country owes trillions and is asking for more, its shadowy creditors start calling in favors.

The crossbow twanged, carrying his climbing rope up the side of the Federal Reserve building.

Click either highlighted text for more.

Enjoy a belly laugh at the beginning of the big slide,


[Canukistani Kate, bless you for this]

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