Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama kicking some butt

Here is a nicely edited video highlight of Obama picking apart some of the absurdity of the McCain camp. Not hard to do, the tiniest bit of research exposes McCain's absolute lack of regard for the reality of working folks in America, and absolute iron-clad "business as usual" stance on nearly every issue. Obama doesn't have to make anything up to beat the crap out of his campaign statements.

I'm not saying there isn't absurdity and hypocrisy in the Obama camp. I'm not an "Obamaniac." I'm disappointed in the whole system here.

But McCain truly sucks, his people suck, his policies suck, and his choice of Veep sucks. I'll take Obama ANY DAY.

Enjoy the tiniest bit of sense in politics, even a little bit,


[via Idea Whiplash, thanks for this]

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Jim Blackwood, Jr. said...

Hat tip right back you.