Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some serious McCain ugliness -- his actions against POW/MIA disclosure

Alright folks, time to put the rubber on the road.

Here is a video laying out some seriously ugly assertions about McCain and his need to keep POW/MIA files out of public hands. He opposed the declassification of military records that would make it easier for the families of POWs and MIAs to research their family member's status. This we do know. The bill which passed the house without a single dissenting vote -- this bill he opposed.

As for why he opposed the bill, this video put out by the Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain proposes some motivations that are not in any way pretty.

Is this Swiftboating? I don't know. I know that Bob Dornan is not exactly a Democratic Mole, and he is making some of the most serious accusations of a fellow Republican.

Something to contemplate and investigate:

Enjoy firming up the very reasonable arguments against McCain for President,



CtheG said...

why doesn't anyone see this that needs to see it???

On a larger broader media level?

Bpaul said...

In short, because "THEY" don't want you to see it.

In long:

Because there are only -- I think 5 now -- corporations that own all the media in the country. All of it, every single bit.

Alright, you have some small community based stations like KBOO (god bless their soul), but big media (the stuff the grand majority of Americans are exposed to) is all wrapped up by a very few companies.

The people in charge of those companies are the same folks in charge of this country, basically. They sure are in charge of the information flow within their media outlets, that's for sure. Just look at Fox news for crissakes.

I'll probably blog about this at some point, but if you look at the list of folks who sit on the boards of the BIG companies, like GE, & Clear Channel -- you will see that it's the same folks. There are people who sit on 3 or more of these boards.

So, they become part of a ruling caste.

GE is a bigger economy than Holland. And it's not a democracy. And on it's board are people who are also on the board of, say Disney. They are in charge of AN ENORMOUS amount of money and goods and people.

It's not a conspiracy, it's just business. Business is a totalitarian system, you do what you are told. It is not in any way a democracy. People like to talk that the magic marketplace "democratizes" business but that's bullshit.

I could go on and on, but refer to the first sentence :-)

See you soon dear.