Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And now for something completely different: a Tumbleweed vortex

Or, to us plebians, a whirlwind full of tumbleweeds. Cool by any name. Apparently, in some parts of Queensland, the teens ride out into these and try to light them on fire. Genius.

Enjoy whalloping large acts of nature,



Stu Farnham said...

We get those out here every once in a while...

Bentley said...

That looks awesome

Bpaul said...

Stu, I say get thee a flare gun.

Or a moltov cocktail. That would be TREMENDOUS.


Chuck Butcher said...

Whirligigs are pretty common on our valley floor, they can be a real problem. I've been in them on construction site where we were absolutely blinded by dust for nearly 5 minutes when one got stalled right next to us.

I've never seen one that full of tumbleweeds, though. Yes, I've had sheets of plywood tossed about also. I've never been caught out walking a wall, because you can see them coming.