Monday, September 22, 2008

Vote Sarah Palin down at OPB

Here is a link to an OPB poll about Sarah Palin's credentials to be Veep. The thing is, conservatives appear to be spamming about it to push the poll their way.

Lets spam back shall we? Consider sharing this link with every person you know.

I would guess the idea is that they would get a good number on the poll and then tout that around as proof that Amerika Loves Palin.


Enjoy being handed something you can actually affect in this big mess, even if small,


[image via Mudflats Alaskan politics blog, thanks for that]


Stu Farnham said...

What does a poll like this accomplish?

Them that's for her will still be for her, them's that's agin' her will still be agin'.

It's infotainment.

Bpaul said...

I just see it as rumor fodder, as faux information gathering.