Friday, September 19, 2008

Musical Discovery: Yoshida Brothers

I totally dig the Yoshida Brothers. They are two young Samisen players out of Japan. They can play traditional music, but they also create new and fusion styles with their instruments, and in all cases they rock the effing house.

This first video is hands-down the best "gamer music" that I've ever encountered. It's used as the theme song for Nintendo's Wii game console. I am happy that these guys are getting exposure through the marketing campaign, the more people that know about them the better.

And here is a video of them playing a traditional Japanese folk song called "Tsugaru Jongara." I'm ignorant of the art form, so I immediately wondered if they "jazzed up" the song from its original style. After seeing this and this video, I realized they didn't. Japanese folk music just rocks, apparently.

Enjoy discovering not only new musicians, but new musical forms,


[original contact with Yoshida Brothers via Dani the Canukistani]


Stu Farnham said...

As I have said elsewhere: dueling banjos & sake...

Bpaul said...

And how rocking is THAT?


Apt description, I love it.

Patrick said...

I liked it even better when I played both videos at the same time. Dueling 2X2.

Bpaul said...