Friday, November 2, 2007

Great Mushroom Hunt

Went into the Cascades with a few friends to gather mushrooms today. There are many other duties I could have canceled this trip for, but the wife encouraged me to just take a day off.

Liamspapa, his co-worker and friend Wes, Big Jon (of acupuncture fame), and Naboo the clinic dog were all in attendance. We worked our butts off, but the payoff was amazing. This might be the most diverse haul of mushrooms I've come out of the woods with. I'll talk specifics regarding the species of mushrooms we gathered in a later post, lets get into some pictures for now.

My first full basket of the trip, with chanterelles, boletus, angel wings, shrimp russula, elfin saddle, and honey mushrooms.

Liamspapa with some Chanterelles and Wes looking in.

Big Jon with his Cauliflower mushroom.

Wes on top of a huge stump presenting some Angel Wing mushrooms (couldn't get this to look decent except in black and white).

My last basket of mushrooms from the day, with a beautiful cauliflower mushroom Big Jon had seen last week and actually found again, Chanterelles, Angel Wings, and Zeller's Boletes.

We did some serious slogging, and my dogs are barking now. Sore all over, but happy for a great day in the woods. Happy to be teaching these guys some edibles other than the (wonderful, but limiting) Chanterelle.

More later, I have an apple cider vinegar bath to take to ease these aching limbs.

Enjoy your fungal frolics,



Iciyapi Tate said...

wow that is a haul you got there man. was a beautiful day too.
although i think mushies are jsut ok i understand people love them

Bentley said...

This makes me want to go mushrooming alllll over again :| mmmm chicken of the woods pizza...

Anonymous said...

we had a local 'shroom society (yes, there is a fancy name for it, woteva) show'n'tell today - an amazing selection too! saw all of the ones you've named in both posts, and a few others. . .
we've been eating the boletes and chanterelles for about 2 weeks now, and I'm looking forward to finding some new varietals soon. . .

<3 pacific northwest!

Bpaul said...

Bentley, I'm sure your woods are popping like crazy man, go young padiwan go.

Babs, you going out picking? In your area, hows the quantity/quality?